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KPMGnews appears every three weeks and contains articles on sector and market insights, media releases and events.

KPMG's Fund News offers you monthly, quick overviews on regulatory and tax-related developments with respect to investment funds from various select legal systems within the international environment.

KPMG`s TAXtrends offer you important information on the current developments in the corporate and individual taxation, news about indirect taxes as well as an overview on the relevant legal topics.

KPMG's ''Compliance Matters'' offers you regular insights on the regulatory agenda both on a global and local level impacting the financial services industry.

Our newsletter for board members provides insights on current developments in areas such as risk management, control systems, financial accounting and reporting, internal and external audit. (in German)

KPMG informs you promptly and regularly about the latest IFRS changes which impact the financial services industry.

Our Newsletter covers strategic advisement, actuarial matters, risk and operational considerations as well as legal and compliance issues which are relevant for Swiss Insurance Companies.

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